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Use our Quick Search and Advanced Search features to easily find competitions and clinics listed by participating organizers. Search by location, dates, level, venue, and more to find upcoming events. Not looking to compete? Check the box for clinics to search for educational opportunities near you.

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Whether you are new to riding or a professional with a full stable, create a Rider Profile to save time signing up for events and clinics. With a Rider Profile, you can expedite the entry process by saving rider and horse information, adding selected search results to your calendar, and avoiding the piles of paperwork needed to enter events. Create your Rider Profile today to get started.

Submit Entries

Once you have found the competitions and clinics you want to ride in, from your Rider Profile you can submit your entries, sign, and pay — all online! For unsanctioned/schooling shows or other riding opportunities where you typically register the day-of, you can now indicate in advance that you plan to attend and still pay electronically after your last ride. If your favorite places to ride are not on our calendar, encourage the organizer to learn how to list their events with Blue Horse Entries.


If you are an organizer of a recognized event, local schooling show, or instructional clinic, utilize Blue Horse Entries to increase your exposure to more riders. Easily add event details, promote sponsors, and provide a link to your own website for additional information. Contact us today to learn more about the simple steps to take to start listing your competitions or clinics with Blue Horse Entries.

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Blue Horse Entries

A QUICK SEARCH will produce results for competitions and/or clinics within a number of miles from a city. A rider can select either competitions only, or clinics only; if both selected or if neither are selected, results for both will be included. The designated city as well as the number of miles from that city can also be specified, with the default being within 50 miles of the [current (based on IP address) or last selected] city.


Each organizer of a competition or a clinic, whether a farm, group, association, horse park, riding facility, individual, professional rider, or other, will need to sign a standardized Organizer’s Agreement with Blue Horse Entries. Upon execution of this Agreement, the organizer will be provided an account through which details for each riding opportunity can be shared.

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The Organizer's Agreement is a standardized document that is required for an organizer to have an account that allows for listing competitions and clinics. Issues addressed in the Agreement include obligations for both parties, payment of fees to organizer, advertising and use of information, confidentiality, and more. To start this process, contact Blue Horse Entries today!

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Amateurs to professionals, junior riders to seniors, whether you are still hoping for your first horse or already have a full stable, all will be able to create a rider profile. Each rider profile will contain at least the minimum information required for submitting entries to competitions or clinics. Beyond that, you can share as much of your story as you wish about your riding experiences and about your horse. With a rider profile, you can save selected search results of interest to your profile or even add them to your calendar. Don’t delay any longer, and setup your rider profile today!

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Encourage an organizer to list their events on the Blue Horse Entries calendar by entering their email address below.

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