Riding challenges you, pushes you, inspires you. Blue Horse Entries helps you focus on what’s important instead of getting bogged down in forms and confusing details.

Black horse looking directly at the camera.

Blue Horse Entries represents a collection of experiences from inside and outside of the equine industry. We’ve been first-time competitors, nervous parents by the warmup ring, busy trainers, green and experienced riders. We’ve been organizers, secretaries, volunteers, judges, and everything in between.

Bridles and ropes handing on barn wall.

Our purpose is to create an accessible, inclusive equestrian community that empowers you to be courageous – in and out of the saddle.

A Letter from the Owner

Megan Ferryman riding a brown horse while wearing a helmet and formal equestrian attire.
PC: Jj Sillman

There’s a Greek word I love: meraki

Roughly translated, meraki means to put a part of yourself into what you do. No matter if you are a casual weekend rider or an experienced professional, I believe every equestrian can relate to the feeling of pouring a piece yourself into horses. Riding demands courage, boldness, and a two-feet-first mentality. For myself, I know these demands have shaped who I am today – in and out of the saddle. That’s why Blue Horse Entries, at its core, is an extension of that same commitment. Our team has poured a part of ourselves into this platform to align with our vision of creating an accessible, inclusive equestrian community. We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the joy and the journey of horses.

I invite you to join our community of equestrians across the country. Together, we can connect across backgrounds and disciplines, challenge ourselves, and lean on each other just as we lean into our love of horses.

Thank you for letting us be part of your story, I’m so glad you are part of mine!

Megan Van Son Ferryman
Owner, Blue Horse Entries