At Blue Horse Entries, we’ve been the nervous parents standing by the warmup ring, the first-time show parent sorting through confusing entry forms, the guardian helping multiple riders sign up for an event. That’s why our platform streamlines the entry process for everyone – not just riders and event organizers.

Everyone in one place

Access your child’s profile and entries from within your own account. No need to share logins or switch accounts.

Built to keep them safe

Strict access control and age verification ensure your child's information is secure.

It’s like a guided tour

With helpful tips built into the interface, an extensive FAQ, and excellent customer support, we’ll help you find your way.

Alerts and reminders

Alerts notify you of critical details like expired documents and reminders help you stay on top of important dates.

Fee calculation

All entry fees are calculated for you through our secure payment system.

Payment links

Riders over 13 can create their own entries and simply send them to you for payment.

Saved payment methods

Enter your credit card details once and have it ready to go for next time.