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Everything you need to know about Blue Horse Entries

There is no cost to setup a rider account. With a free account, you can get customized clinic and competition results, add an event to your calendar, save your search results, and start entering events! Save rider and horse information to your profile to save time signing up for riding opportunities in the future.

There is no cost to setup an organizer account. Organizers can create and publish clinics and competitions to collect entries and spread awareness for your event. Additionally, organizers can add other Team Members to their organization to collaborate delegate tasks, download customizable rosters, and manage refunds and receipts. Organizers that list clinics and competitions receive complimentary marketing services from the Blue Horse Entries team.

When an entry is submitted, Blue Horse Entries collects a nominal fee of $4.99. At checkout, Blue Horse Entries' fee shows as a combined cost with the credit card processing fee. Blue Horse Entries works to keep our fees low to increase accessibility to equine activities. Our fees support the continued improvement and functionality of our services - like our new platform!

To view submitted entries, visit your Profile, click on Payments, and browse your entries under Payment History. Receipts and entry confirmations may be downloaded from the Payment History section. 

As an organizer, you have access to additional features within your account allowing you to create, publish, and manage clinics and competitions. My Events is the portal for managing all event related tasks as an organizer. My Entries, on the other hand, is where you can find rider-related features, such as entering an event or finding relevant riding opportunities near you. With Blue Horse Entries, you are able to access your entries as a rider and your information as an organizer, all from one account. 

Clinics and competitions that have opened for entries within the past 7 days will display the Now Open badge. Events that are closing within the next 7 days will display the Closing Soon badge. 

Horse and rider information is required by clinic and competition organizers to process entries. Saving information to your profile prior to signing up will streamline the event entry process and ensure that you don't run into any missing details while entering. 

Information from your profile updates to your all of your entries in real time. No matter if the entry has been submitted or is still in draft mode, rest assured that your information will stay updated. Once you make a change in your profile, such as updating your address, that information will also update in your entries. When an organizer downloads the roster for their event, whatever information is in your profile at that time will be the information pulled for the entry.

An annual Coggins test identifies antibodies for equine infectious anemia (EIA), a potentially fatal equine disease that has no known treatment. A negative Coggins test is required by many venues and event organizers before allowing horses onto show grounds to ensure EIA is not spread to other horses.

ID numbers are membership numbers for related equestrian organizations. These numbers are used to determine membership fees and access to enter competitions recognized by sanctioning bodies and organizations. Examples of these organizations include the US Equestrian Federation (USEF), US Eventing Association (USEA), and the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP).

As a parent or guardian, you can add a rider under 18 to your account to sign up for clinics and competitions on their behalf. To do so, click into your profile settings, then click on the Riders Under 18 tab. Click the blue ADD RIDER UNDER 18 button and add the rider's details. If it is your first time adding a Rider Under 18 to your account, you will complete a brief verification process to help ensure the accuracy of your account details and help keep our platform safe for everyone!

As an organizer, you can collaborate and delegate tasks to other Team Members in your organization. To add other individuals, visit your Profile, click on Organization, and scroll to the Add Team Member section. In this section, you can enter the email address of the Team Member you wish to add. That individual will receive an email notification to setup or login to their Blue Horse Entries account, where they can accept the invitation to join your organization.

With our new platform, organizers and editors can update their event details at any time! Once a clinic or competition is published and open for entries, levels and fees cannot be deleted, but they can be adjusted. This ensures that everyone who signs up for your event is submitting accurate entry information and payments.

Yes! With our new Capacity feature, you can set a limit to the number of entries you accept for a given level. When adding a level during the event creation process, simply add the number you would like entries limited to in the optional Capacity field. When entries get close to reaching capacity for that level, a callout will be displayed so riders will know there are limited spots left. 

Blue Horse Entries Tip: If you plan to set limits on the number of entries allowed for any levels, make a note in your clinic or competition description to contact the organizer or secretary to get added to a waitlist once capacity has been reached.

Often, organizers want to allow riders to select the dressage test of their choice to ride during a competition. To add a level that allows test of choice or a percentage class, add a level during the event creation process as you typically would. Select your discipline and level, then check the box that says Require test of choice selection. When a rider signs up for this level, they will be prompted to choose their test from a dropdown menu of options. 

Blue Horse Entries Tip: Since riders will select their test, you do not have to choose one from the dropdown menu, but we recommend you take a look at the test drop down box to see what tests they will be able to choose from! If you don't see the tests you are looking for, contact us and we will get them added for you!

The same horse and rider combination is not permitted to sign up for a given level multiple times within the same entry. Riders entering multiple horses may sign up for the same level on each horse.

Blue Horse Entries Organizer Tip: For test of choice or percentage classes where riders may want to sign up for the same level multiple times, we recommend adding a few versions of each level to make multiple rides available. Contact us for additional tips and tricks on how to format your levels for test of choice classes!

Blue Horse Entries Rider Tip: As a rider, if you are signing up for a test of choice class or percentage class and want to sign up multiple times but don't see more than one option, you can fully submit your entry, then create a new entry with the same horse and rider combination. Or, you can contact us so we can work with the organizer to get additional levels created!

Refund policies are managed by show organizers and secretaries. If you have submitted an entry, please contact them to learn their policy or request a refund. Blue Horse Entries service fee and credit card processing fees are not refunded.

Yes, all organizers must complete a one-time connection process to Stripe on the new Blue Horse platform. If you previously listed with us, first visit and log out before reconnecting. Logging out will ensure that when you complete the connect process, you will be connecting to the correct account.

For information or questions about a specific event, please contact the event organizer directly. Each organizer determines the schedules, policies, procedures, and other details for their event. To contact an organizer, click the blue Contact button at the bottom of an event's listing on the Blue Horse Entries website. The contact button can be found below the map of the venue.

At this time, USEA Starter fees are not automatically added to entry subtotals for recognized USEA Horse Trials. Organizers who would like to charger for the Starter Fee can add this fee as an 'Extra' fee when creating their event on Blue Horse. 

Yes! If you are a trainer, owner, or parent that would like to pay for another rider's entry, you may do so using the Payment Link feature on the checkout page. Once the participating rider has created their draft entry, they will copy the Payment Link on their checkout page and send to the individual who will be paying on their behalf. The Payment Link will direct the individual straight to the checkout page, where they can pay for and submit the entry. The Payment Link does not allow any edits to be made to the entry. Individuals using the Payment Link must have a Blue Horse Entries account. 

Event IDs can be added and edited by organizers at any time by clicking the blue 'Edit' button on their event. On the first step of the event editor, the Event ID field can be found right next to the Event Name field. The Event ID can be any combination of letters and numbers. Copy this ID into the Startbox system to transfer entries. 

When creating an event through Blue Horse, organizers have the option to add Mandatory and Extra fees. A Mandatory fee will be automatically added to every entry, such as a required facility fee. An Extra fee is an optional fee that riders can select to pay, such as extra shavings or hay.

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