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Everything you need to know about Blue Horse Entries

There is no cost to setup a rider account. With a free account, you can get customized clinic and competition results, add an event to your calendar, save your search results, and start entering events! Save rider and horse information to your profile to save time signing up for riding opportunities in the future.

There is no cost to setup an organizer account. Organizers can create and publish clinics and competitions to collect entries and spread awareness for your event. Additionally, organizers can add other Team Members to their organization to collaborate delegate tasks, download customizable rosters, and manage refunds and receipts. Organizers that list clinics and competitions receive complimentary marketing services from the Blue Horse Entries team.

When an entry is submitted, Blue Horse Entries collects a nominal fee of $4.99. At checkout, Blue Horse Entries' fee shows as a combined cost with the credit card processing fee. Blue Horse Entries works to keep our fees low to increase accessibility to equine activities. Our fees support the continued improvement and functionality of our services - like our new platform!

To view submitted entries, visit your Profile, click on Payments, and browse your entries under Payment History. Receipts and entry confirmations may be downloaded from the Payment History section. 

As an organizer, you have access to additional features within your account allowing you to create, publish, and manage clinics and competitions. My Events is the portal for managing all event related tasks as an organizer. My Entries, on the other hand, is where you can find rider-related features, such as entering an event or finding relevant riding opportunities near you. With Blue Horse Entries, you are able to access your entries as a rider and your information as an organizer, all from one account. 

An annual Coggins test identifies antibodies for equine infectious anemia (EIA), a potentially fatal equine disease that has no known treatment. A negative Coggins test is required by many venues and event organizers before allowing horses onto show grounds to ensure EIA is not spread to other horses.

As an organizer, you can collaborate and delegate tasks to other Team Members in your organization. To add other individuals, visit your Profile, click on Organization, and scroll to the Add Team Member section. In this section, you can enter the email address of the Team Member you wish to add. That individual will receive an email notification to setup or login to their Blue Horse Entries account, where they can accept the invitation to join your organization.

ID numbers are membership numbers for related equestrian organizations. These numbers are used to determine membership fees and access to enter competitions recognized by sanctioning bodies and organizations. Examples of these organizations include the US Equestrian Federation (USEF), US Eventing Association (USEA), and the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP).

To add a horse to your profile that has been created by another Blue Horse Entries user, such as the horse's owner or trainer, click on the Horses tab in the main menu, then click the Find Horse button. Type in the name of the horse you are looking for. Browse the results for the horse that matches your horse's name, year of birth, breed, and gender. Click Add to Stable to add the horse to your profile. 

Horse and rider information is required by clinic and competition organizers to process entries. Saving information to your profile prior to signing up will streamline the event entry process and ensure that you don't run into any missing details while entering. 

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