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A woman on a brown horse competes in a jumping show.
A woman on a brown horse trots across a sand stadium.
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The all new Blue Horse Entries is here!

Over the past year, we listened to our community and rebuilt the Blue Horse Entries platform. Get ready for a new, streamlined experience tailored to fit the unique needs of our industry.

Find your next event

We've got you covered.


    Blue Horse Entries streamlines the clinic and competition entry process so you can spend more time where it matters – in the barn.

    • Discover clinics and competitions with search filters and personalized suggestions.
    • Receive alerts for closing dates, missing documents, and updates so you never miss out on the action.
    • Ensure you pay the right amount, every time with our automatically calculated entry fees.

    We streamline the entry process for everyone, regardless of how much experience you have with horses.

    • Say goodbye to digging through piles of paperwork or switching between accounts. Access your child’s entries and information all within your own account.
    • Collaborate with your riders under 18 - teens can create their own entry and send you a notification to complete payment and checkout.
    • Take advantage of our robust Support page, helpful hints throughout the system, and excellent customer support to submit entries successfully – even if it is your first time entering an event.

    Even superheroes need a sidekick. Sometimes that sidekick is an online platform that pulls all the information you need into one place.

    • Get paid the right amount, every time with our automatically calculated entry fees. If a refund is needed, we make that easy too.
    • Create an event in minutes with an event builder catered to your discipline and event type.
    • Easily update an event listing or connect with riders through the online roster.
    • Delegate work by sharing administrative access with staff, volunteers, or others in your organization.
    • With complimentary marketing and a streamlined entry process for entrants, you can spend more time on the rest of your to-do list.

Focus on what matters.

We've been there.

Riding challenges you, pushes you, inspires you. Blue Horse Entries helps you focus on what's important instead of getting bogged down in forms and confusing details.

We’ve been first-time competitors, nervous parents by the warmup ring, busy trainers, green and experienced riders. We’ve been organizers, secretaries, volunteers, judges, and everything in between. We have lived similar stories, and we are excited to be a part of yours.

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