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This event closed on 9/4/2023

IEF Charity Dressage Show September 2023

Presented By IEF Charity Dressage Show

Sep 10, 2023 - Sep 10, 2023

Open: 8/1/2023
Close: 9/4/2023

Boone County Fairgrounds

Lebanon, IN

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Indiana Dressage Society Approved Schooling Show

Judge: Isabel Fix

Indiana Dressage Society Approved Schooling Show

Judge: Isabel Fix

Competitions and Levels

  • Western Dressage

    • Western Dressage Intro Test of Choice
    • Western Dressage Basic Test of Choice
    • Western Dressage Level 1-4 Test of Choice
    • Western Dressage Percentage Test
  • Dressage

    • Intro Test A
      USDF Introductory Level Test A
    • Intro Test B
      USDF Introductory Level Test B
    • Intro Test C
      USDF Introductory Level Test C
    • Training Test 1
      USEF Training Level Test 1
    • Training Test 2
      USEF Training Level Test 2
    • Training Test 3
      USEF Training Level Test 3
    • First Level Test 1
      USEF First Level Test 1
    • First Level Test 2
      USEF First Level Test 2
    • First Level Test 3
      USEF First Level Test 3
    • Second Level Test 1
      USEF Second Level Test 1
    • Second Level Test 2
      USEF Second Level Test 2
    • Second Level Test 3
      USEF Second Level Test 3
    • Percentage Test of Choice
    • Pony Test of Choice
    • USEA Eventing Test of Choice
    • Freestyle

Fees and Extras

  • Required

    Office Fee
  • Extras

    Stabling Full Weekend (Thurs night - Sat night)
    Tack Stall - Full Weekend
    IEF Non Member Fee
    $10.00/per bag
    Haul-In Rate
  • Late Entry

    Late Entry Fee
  • Stabling

    Standard Night Rate
    Tack Stall

Event Details


Formal attire not required, but please be clean, safe and workmanlike


No refunds after close. Late entries will be accepted with a $10 late fee. Incomplete entries will be placed on a wait list until complete. 

Release of Liability Waivers will be signed at check in


Bedding is available for $10/bag from the show office.

Ride times will be available on Facebook or emailed by request

Stalls will be assigned prior to show. Use of unassigned stalls will result in fines. Please indicate if you are planning on showing in other disciplines over the weekend, as this will influence office check out procedure.


Ribbons will be given through 6th place.

There will be Thoroughbred Incentive Program awards for the following:

High Point Dressage Thoroughbred

High Score Dressage Thoroughbred

Young Dressage Thoroughbred Award

To check eligibility and register for a T.I.P. number, visit

Dressage Tests will be the most recent published tests from USDF, USEA, and WDAA

 Standard dressage rings for First Level and above. Small ring for Training level and below.

Unless otherwise indicated, the show will follow USEA, USDF, and WDAA rules.

Food available on grounds.

Keep dogs on leash.

$10 Non Member Fee per entry for anyone not a member of Indiana Equine Foundation.

To become a member click here -->

Becky Scialdone

Boone County Fairgrounds

1300 East 100 South

Lebanon, IN 46052

IEF Charity Dressage Show
Organizer of IEF Charity Dressage Show September 2023