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Apr 15, 2023 - Apr 15, 2023

Open: 2/5/2023
Close: 4/9/2023

Revel Run

Chelsea, MI

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First annual Arena Derby Series at Revel Run

First annual Arena Derby Series at Revel Run

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Competitions and Levels

Fees and Extras

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    Day stall
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    Standard Night Rate

Event Details


Full refund if show cancelled due to weather

Revel Run release form required




Ribbons to 8th place in the Ribbons Classes. Free Schooling Certificates to winners of each division at end of series. Two Free Entries to be raffled off at end of series (each class entered gives you an entry for prize and you can have multiple entries).

This is a 4 part series with sessions on April 8th, 15th and May 6th, 13th.

There will be time before show for lower levels, and around lunch time for upper levels.

Revel Run

555 South Dancer Road

Chelsea, MI 48118

Revel Run
Organizer of Revel Run Arena Event Derby Series - 2nd Show